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Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the Doubletree hotel

Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the Doubletree hotel


Photography with cinematography is an unrepeatable recording of your day that you won't even remember the next day without something there to help you.

This is where Wedding Photographers in Swindon, Kenneth Light Studios can help you.

Let me ask you one question, do you know how your mother and father actually felt about each other in their words when they met? Do you know how they fell in love? Yes? Great then you understand, but, if you answer no? Then you truly need to read on.

Our love story will tell such tales that get forgotten, but these will be captured for you for years to come and for your kids to see where it all started.

Every collection of ours comes with a love story. A very unique element that will also let me get to know you so your engagement and wedding photography is more special than you could ever imagine. 

As a Wedding Photographer in Swindon, Wiltshire, I take it very serious to go one step beyond the photographers I worked with and around in the USA.  

This very technique is what set us apart from the competition. We pioneered in this field, we brought new and exciting things to our brides and delivered them with the professionalism that has inspired friendships from past clients that have lasted years.

One thing you’re looking for in a wedding photographer and cinematographer is a connection. This is something I take serious.  The weddings I portrayed internationally in America and all my clients are still friend’s years later for this exact reason.

I've worked with the very best of vendors on the east west south and north of America and now reside in Swindon. I am available for weddings and events anywhere in England and on destinations. And if you’re looking for your wedding to be in the USA, I have all the best vendor connections you can imagine.  Discounts will be available for any USA weddings, further details you can receive on request. And in booking internationally, any headaches of organizing and finding contacts will dissolved as we can provide the contacts for the very best in the industry state side.

All English weddings will benefit from my expertise and personal professionalism.

Contact me for more details for your Wedding Photographer in Swindon, Wiltshire and price.

Check my Facebook page and likes plus more reviews and see my couples are still friends years later. find out why Kenneth Light Studios, Wedding Photographers in Swindon are so special at what we do.

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