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Why Trust Forever To Just Anyone

Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the DoubleTree hotel in Charlotte North Carolina

Amanda & Tim Gaddy at the DoubleTree hotel in Charlotte North Carolina



So Why Trust Forever To Just Anyone?

Photography is an unrepeatable recording of your day, that you won't even remember the next week without something there to help you.  This is where Wiltshire Wedding Photographers, Kenneth Light Studios can help you.

Let me ask you one question, do you know how your mother and father actually felt the day they met?  Do you know how they fell in love?  Yes? Then great, you understand, but if your answer is no then you truly need to read on.

The love story that I will record for you will tell this in such a way that it will be kept for your kids and grandkids.  You will be able to revisit this and rekindle your love any time in the future, being brought right back to that special moment that you both met. This gift is simply priceless.

Every collection comes with our handmade designer albums of the highest quality that have to be seen to be believed.  Also every wedding collection comes with an engagement session. A very unique element that will allow me get to know you, and you me, so your wedding photography becomes more special than you could imagine.

Not comfortable in front of the camera you say? Not a problem, that is my specialty, most of the people you see in the weddings industry are not. Also take a look in the portrait section, some of those people have never been in front of the camera before. This is my trade, it’s what I do, and I will make you look and feel amazing in front of the camera, so don’t worry, I will make you look stunning and pose you in a way that makes you look natural and beautiful during your engagement session, and your wedding day.

As a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, I have worked in the most challenging market there is (in the USA Wedding industry) that’s around 7 to 10 years ahead of the British Wedding industry.  So you can be sure you are getting the best you can in England.

This fact is what sets me apart from the competition. I always source new and high quality exciting items for my brides, and deliver them with the professionalism that has inspired friendships from past clients that have lasted years.

One thing you are looking for in a wedding photographer is a connection, someone that understands what you want and what you need.  This is something I take seriously.  The weddings I portrayed in my website are internationally based and all my clients are still friend’s years later for this exact reason.

I've worked with the very best of vendors in the USA, and now for reasons of family, and missing good Old England after many years, I now reside in the UK.  I am now available for weddings and events anywhere in England Scotland Ireland and Wales plus destinations farther afield.

All Weddings here in England would benefit from my expertise and personal professionalism.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographers

Check my Facebook page and likes plus more reviews and see my couples are still friend’s years later. Find out why Kenneth Light Studios, Wiltshire Wedding Photographers are so unique at what we do.

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